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Find your team, sharpen your skills, and dominate the opposition in our Tespa competitive leagues for college students.

A decade of collegiate esports

Over the past decade, over 40,000 students have competed in Tespa competitive leagues, spanning 7 different games and awarding over $3.3M in scholarships! Leagues are open to all Tespa members, regardless of college or chapter status.

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New year, new leagues!

Tespa is excited to announce new Spring collegiate tournament leagues for Call of Duty, Hearthstone, and Overwatch!

Throughout the past semester, students have fielded their teams for a chance to play in our Spring tournaments! Now that the dust has settled, it’s time for new teams to step into the spotlight, put their skills to the test, and battle for a chance at glory and scholarships!

<span>Achieve your dreams!</span>

Achieve your dreams!

Our mission is to host epic premier leagues that recognize and reward the top competitors in college esports, while also providing offseason leagues that give up-and-coming players a place to hone their skills. 

Call of Duty Varsity

Call of Duty Collegiate Series: Varsity

This Varsity-focused invitational tournament will be seperate from our other tournament offerings and pit top teams from around the country against each other in a round robin format.. If your school is working on spinning up a Varsity program for Call of Duty, be sure to apply by February 14th to be considered for the inaugural 2020 Varsity Invitational.

Every university that officially sanctions or tangibly supports esports as a student activity is eligible to apply to be part of the Call of Duty Varsity Invitational. If you're not sure if your program qualifies, we invite you to apply anyways - or, you can reach out to varsity@tespa.org for more information.

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Prizing Info

Competitive Schedule
Applications OpenToday!
Applications CloseFeb. 14
Season BeginsMar. 2
Season EndsMar. 24
InvitationalApr. 6 - 14
Grand FinalsTBA
Call of Duty Collegiate Ladder

Call of Duty Collegiate Ladder

Alongside our Varsity round robin, Tespa will be hosting a Call of Duty Collegiate Ladder on GameBattles. Here, any caliber of player can find pickup games on demand, and get matched against players of similar skill.

The ladder is open to all verified college students, so sign up today to test your mettle against other collegiate Call of Duty players.

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Call of Duty Collegiate Series: Duos

After the incredible response we saw this Fall, we're excited to bring you more Call of Duty Collegiate Series: Duos tournaments this year! We'll have more info to share with you later, but know that it will run with cross-platform enabled, inputs fully unlocked, and adrenaline-pumping action available for all. Stay tuned to our social channels where we'll share the full details when it's ready.

Hearthstone Varsity

Hearthstone Varsity Invitational

We're excited to unpack two unique opportunities for teams to compete in Collegiate Hearthstone: the Open Division and Varsity Invitational!

For teams that crave competition with North America's best, apply now to be part of the Hearthstone Varsity Invitational, which runs independently from the Open Division. Select teams from schools supporting collegiate esports will be invited to compete.

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Competitive Schedule
Application PeriodJan. 22 - Feb. 14
Regular SeasonFeb. 24 - Apr. 6
PlayoffsApr. 18 - Apr. 19
Championship BracketTBA

Hearthstone Collegiate Championship Open Division

Throughout the Spring semester, teams of college students from the United States and Canada may compete in the Hearthstone Collegiate Championship Open Division. Registration for the HCC Open Division opens soon!

Unlike in previous seasons, teams will now sign up to play in the eastern or western division based on the location of their school. The exact breakdown of these regional boundaries will be released at a later date.

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Competitive Schedule
Registration Opens


Registration ClosesFeb. 20 (UPDATED)
Tournament BeginsFeb. 18
Regular SeasonFeb. 18 - Apr. 14
Regional PlayoffsApr. 25 - 26
Championship BracketTBA
Grand FinalsTBA

Overwatch Collegiate Championship

During the Main Season, Varsity teams will be able to compete in a Varsity-exclusive regional round robin tournament or in the open-invite Club Region alongside their non-Varsity peers. The Club Region will be a swiss tournament in which small groupings of teams compete internally for placement into the National Playoffs.

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Competitive Schedule
Registration OpensOct. 22 - Feb 18
Main SeasonFeb. 22 - Mar. 29
PlayoffsApr. 18

Top Fall 2019 Teams
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Carleton University
Univeristy of North Texas