Tournament Help

When is my match?

Round times for your tournament can be found in either the Description, Brackets, or My Matches page of your tournament. If you have any further questions please contact the tournament admin.

How do I report a score?

Once your match series has concluded, you will be able to report your score on the match page. You can navigate to your match page either from the ‘My Matches’ or ‘Bracket’ tab of your tournament. You will not be able to report a score before or after the set tournament round time.

My opponent is a No-Show!

If your opponent is a no-show please check your tournaments rules for the official no-show time. Once this time has passed, and you are sure that your opponents are unavailable, please use the ‘Report No-Show’ button on the match page.

I got marked as a no-show!

If you got marked as a no-show and it’s before the official no-show time, please use the contest no-show button on the match page.

If it is after the official no-show time, or the button to contest is not available, please contact an Admin for the official ruling.

I reported a no-show by mistake!

If you reported your opponent by mistake. The team who accidently reported the no-show can fix this by reporting the actual score when the series ends. This will cancel out the no-show with the updated score.

Live Support:

Live Support is only available when national tournament matches are in-progress.


For general inquires, please email us directly at and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.