If you’re a college student who enjoys teaming up with a friend in Archon Mode, we’ve got a tournament for you!

Tespa is holding its first ever StarCraft II Archon tournament for college students in the United States and Canada, including an awesome $50,000 scholarship prize pool. If you and a friend have what it takes to dominate the collegiate world in Archon Mode, you won’t want to miss this tournament.

Sign Up

To enter, register on this site. Create a team and invite your Archon partner to join, or search for uncompleted teams from your school to join. You will need a college e-mail or student ID to participate. Only entries submitted before February 3 will be accepted.


Students from traditional four-year colleges and community colleges in the United States and Canada who are actively enrolled either part-time or full-time are welcome to participate. A 2.5 GPA is required to receive prizing. Additional eligibility rules can be found here.


Teams will be placed in one of four regions based on the college they are attending. Each team will play one match per week starting February 8. The main tournament season lasts seven weeks and will be followed by a week of regional playoffs before the final round. For a complete list of rules, as well as match and format details, click here.


You can watch featured matches of the week live at Twitch.tv/StarCraft every Monday and Tuesday during the duration of the tournament.


  • 1st Place - $24,000 USD ($12,000 per player)
  • 2nd Place - $14,000 USD ($7,000 per player)
  • 3rd Place - $6,000 USD ($3,000 per player)

Other Cool Stuff

Those who participate with one or fewer no-shows will also receive a unique in-game portrait, as shown below. That’s right – you get something cool just for participating!

Enter Now and Get Practicing!

With Legacy of the Void and Archon Mode, teaming up with a friend for scholarships has never been so fun, so get signed up today and get practicing, commanders! StarCraft II Archon awaits!