Four heroic college teams clash in Seattle for the $500,000 Heroes of the Dorm grand finals!

Last April, over 400 college teams from across North America battled in Blizzard's online hero brawler Heroes of the Storm. Their goal? A chance to play on the world stage for half a million dollars in college tuition at the Heroes of the Dorm North America finals in Seattle, WA.


On April 9th, the final four teams exchanged handshakes on stage at Seattle’s CenturyLink Stadium, home of the Seahawks. Armed with nothing but their favorite keyboards and a murderous level of expertise, the heroes from Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, and Connecticut prepared for the most difficult boss fight of their college careers… broadcasted on national television for the world to witness.


By sunset, a crowd of students, gamers, and fans painted in bright orange wrapped around the building for the first match of the finals. As they waited for the games to begin, the crowd decked themselves in Heroes of the Storm gear from the Blizzard store and watched through the player windows as the teams huddled to discuss strategies.


Taking their places on stage, the University of Texas, Arlington's Dark Blaze, known for their unconventional strategies and creative team compositions, was poised to face the University of Tennessee’s We Volin, the valiant underdogs of the final four.


Though Tennessee battled bravely, UT Arlington's Dark Blaze banned out Tennessee’s ace champion Falstad both games, and emerged from the semifinals with a clean 2-0 victory and a spot in Sunday’s grand finals.


Amidst the cheers of the crowd, the University of Texas voiced their support for the University of Connecticut’s Tricky Turtles in their upcoming match versus Arizona State University's Real Dream Team, the #1 seeded team and powerhouse veterans from the 2015 Heroes of the Dorm competition.

In a highly anticipated match, Connecticut’s methodical playstyle would be pitted, in high contrast, against the highly aggressive playstyle of Arizona State.


"Victory!"" Arizona State’s precise, powerful play picked apart the Connecticut team’s careful defense for a devastatingly quick 2-0. Advancing to the grand finals against UT Arlington's Dark Blaze, the victorious ASU veterans declared their determination to take the first place prize that the University of California, Berkeley’s team stole away in 2015.



As the players from Arizona and Texas prepared for their final match, their closest fans assembled in the audience to cheer on their friends and family. Blue and orange paint streaked the faces of a platoon of Tespa college leaders as they chanted “UTA! UTA!” into the night.


On the other side of the arena, the words “Michael Udall Fan Club” covered the matching shirts of the ASU captain’s family as they cheered for their team.


Hardened by weeks of fierce competition and emboldened by the fame and fortune at their fingertips, UT Arlington's Dark Blaze and ASU's Real Dream Team headed into their final matches.


The casters roared in excitement as the victorious Arizona State University team erupted from their seats and embraced to celebrate their final victory: a perfect 3-0 set against UT Arlington, and the final triumph in their undefeated Heroes of the Dorm tournament record.

As they recounted their victory amidst the cheering of the crowd, ASU’s specialist player Shot gave a heartfelt message to his mother in the crowd: “Mom, you don’t have to pay! I got you!”

Dorm Winners - Lower Thirds Added.jpg

Returning from their devastatingly close second-place finish in 2015, Arizona State University’s Real Dream Team dominated the competition with their aggressive, confident playstyle to win over $500,000 in scholarships and a well-earned place among the Heroes of the Dorm legends.

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