The US’s top collegiate Hearthstone players head to China for the China vs. US Collegiate Championships!

On July 16-17, four talented Hearthstone teams from Boston University, Carnegie Mellon, Penn State, and Ohio State are packing their bags and heading to Shanghai for the 2016 CN vs. US Collegiate Championships, hosted by DouyuTV at the massive Chai Tai TV Production studio!

If you'd like to root for our US teams, you can follow the action on the Official Chinese Livestream at 12:30 AM PDT on July 16th and 17th.


The US teams are slated to battle against the four winners of the China Collegiate Championship Qualifiers for ¥300,000 ($46,353 USD) and a chance to take home an international Hearthstone title. As the players prepare for their journey, we got a chance to interview them about their upcoming challenges in China.

Ohio State University


Tespa: What aspect of your trip to China are you most looking forward to?
Paul: Looking forward to making my school and my country proud.

Carnegie Mellon University


Tespa: What kind of strategies does your team employ to secure a victory?
Kevin: Before the qualifier, we made a spreadsheet with different deck lists and their match-up pairings against the meta decks. Since it’s safe to assume most people would end up using the 3 most popular ladder decks, Warrior, Shaman, and Warlock, we decided to bring Hunter as a strong answer to both Warrior and Shaman… and it ended up being undefeated!

Penn State University


Tespa: What is your overall strategy for the finals?
Andrew: We are expanding our knowledge of all archetypes being played, as well as increasing our pool of mastered decks to be able to keep up and hopefully bring some surprises.

Boston University


Tespa: What do you know about the Chinese Hearthstone scene?
Hao: They mostly play aggro or tempo decks, like Shaman Zoo and Tempo Mage.

On behalf of the Tespa team, we'd like to wish Team USA a resounding "GLHF" as they prepare for their epic Shanghai showdown against China's collegiate Hearthstone champions, representing Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Tianjin University.