Greetings, fellow adventurer! We're excited to reveal the rewards for the 2016-17 membership box!

As a new initiate or recurring member you'll receive this wonderful treasure chest full of items to help you in your quest for gaming glory. Here's just a few of the items you'll receive when you sign-up to become a Tespa member:

  • Tespa 2016-17 T-Shirt
  • Tespa Flame Keycap
  • Sunglasses 
  • Lanyard

But wait, there's more! First time members also receive the following digital goodies and other benefits: 

  • Exclusive Hearthstone™ card back*
  • In-game portraits for StarCraft II™ and Heroes of the Storm™*
  • Special offers from game company partners and corporate sponsors

Membership boxes cost only $10 and signing up is easy! You can get started now over at My Tespa. 

Sign Up Now               

Once you've signed into your account, just head over to the My Benefits tab to see your list of rewards. Scroll down to the Membership Box and hit "Claim" to get your box sent straight to your door. Member boxes ship out starting in Mid-September and will arrive on a first come, first served basis. 

*Club must have 25 paying members to be eligible for Hearthstone card back and in-game portraits for StarCraft II™ and Heroes of the Storm™