It's time for you to set a date, book a room, and set in motion your plans for the biggest gaming event of the year.

To help keep your team’s vision clear during the coming months, we’re pleased to announce that Tespa is partnering with our friends from Gunnar Optiks to send your campus a holiday support package for your upcoming event!

Inside your gear box, you’ll find a set of Gunnar’s world-class gaming eyewear, designed to reduce digital eye strain and block harmful artificial blue-light. Alongside your Gunnar glasses, you’ll also find a decorative banner, a bundle of soft plushes, and an arsenal of our latest Tespa gear to keep your members looking sharp and playing sharp during the cold Winter season.

Register now at MyTespa to get started! Applications end 12/19th (11:59pm PST) so don't wait!

Register Now!

Keep in touch with us and Gunnar Optiks by following us on Twitter at @TeamTespa and @GunnarOptiks

As a reminder anyone who hasn't submitted their recap for Forge Your Steel will not be eligible for this! So make sure to get your recap in if you haven't already. Also, if you're hosting an event happening soon please make sure to have all of your information ready to go. We need at least a week to review applications and ship.