Over the past 12 months we’ve seen collegiate gaming and esports reach new heights because of the effort and determination of this community.

Join us as we look back at some of the best moments from the past year.

Tespa Community

Through your hard work and tireless commitment to bringing gaming to campuses across the United States and Canada we grew the Tespa community to over 220 chapters! This includes universities and schools across a wide spectrum of disciplines and focus. To name a few, this year we welcomed Georgia Tech, Stanford, Maryville, Arizona State, Virginia Commonwealth University, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Kansas Wesleyan. We’re happy to welcome them into our family and are excited to see what they accomplish in the future!

Tespa Chapters have thrown over 430 chapter events to celebrate gaming by hosting competitions, inclusive LAN events, tabletop nights, and viewing parties. Others of you decided to shift focus back towards your local community and use gaming as an opportunity to give back. Chapters like Rutgers Esports, Gaucho Gaming, Quinnipiac University Game Club, and UDVGTC at University of Delaware raised over $4,350 for charity and local children’s hospitals.

Some of these events were made possible through the support of our amazing sponsors like SteelSeries, GUNNAR Optiks and Twitch and we wanted to thank them for their support throughout the year!

Tespa Competitive

This year we had more competitors in more schools than any year prior! At the beginning of this year, we put out the call for students to rally behind their school and field their best teams to compete at a national level. You answered in resounding fashion and over 500 schools participated in a Tespa tournament. Students also earned over $900,000 in scholarships and prizing, giving you one less thing to worry about when trying to graduate.

Some major moments include our first national Overwatch tournament that concluded with UC Berkeley taking home the win. During the Spring Training Grounds season over 330 teams competed and Kings Row was the map of choice being picked over 18% of the time

Heroes of the Dorm was a redemption story for the students of University of Texas at Arlington as they swept through the competition to become the new National Champions. Throughout the tournament 310,181,547 points of damage were dealt, which would be enough to kill a level 1 Murky 424,906 times. While Stitches had the highest assist per game total of any Hero at 9 assists per game. 

In Hearthstone, our top teams competed shortly after the launch of Un’Goro and helped define the meta with new and untested decks. A few quick stats from the course of the year: Over 22,000 games were played, 25% of those games featured a Shaman and Warrior had the highest win rate at 52%!

You took on the Legion and competed in The World of Warcraft Collegiate Dungeon Race to race through Mythic+ dungeons and take down some of World of Warcraft’s most difficult challenges in record time. The most popular DPS Class was Hunter with a 32% pick rate, and teams completed Halls of Valor 6 in an average time of 26 minutes and 50 seconds. 

While this blog can’t capture the emotion of every moment from this past year, we hope it fills you with pride and gets you hyped for everything we’re going to accomplish in the years to come. Thanks again from everyone at Tespa for everything you do and making this reality possible through all your actions and accomplishments.