Ready to pass the torch?

This year, based on feedback from last year’s leaders, we’re launching a new web flow that allows you to select new leaders and delegate club roles to your incoming officers, all in a few simple clicks. We’re also releasing an updated set of pre-made templates, forms, and tools that you can use to save time and maximize quality on your program.

Get StartedTransition Resources

Web Walkthrough

To start your chapter's transition, just head to your Chapter Homepage and click on the Membership tab. From there, click the "Edit" button to the upper-right of your officers panel to start adding and removing officers from your board. You'll notice that three officer positions are mandatory, but you'll also have the option to create any number of custom officer positions. Also note that you can only add officers who are already verified chapter members.


Once you're ready, click the "Mark As Completed" button to complete your chapter's officer transition process. All role changes are instantaneous, and can't be reverted without help from your regional coordinator. After you're done, you'll also be given the option to complete a short survey for a chance to win a pizza party for your chapter.

Transition Support

Having issues with the website? Not sure how to approach your club’s officer transitions? Reach out to your Chapter Coordinator, or ask for help directly on our Discord Channel.