Tespa’s new student employment initiative kicks off with specialized chapter engagement tracks.

As the gaming and esports industries continue to grow, so does the need for passionate, talented, and specialized contributors. To help meet these needs, Tespa is announcing a new initiative that we hope will provide better opportunities for students and community members to develop their skillsets and perhaps contribute to the world of esports.

As part of this new initiative, we’re committing ourselves to developing more specialized roles with expanded responsibilities, regular performance feedback, clear mentorship tracks, and increased agency. We believe these changes will drastically improve our remote and part-time team experience, making it easier for contractors to find continued career growth and job placement.

To kick off our employment initiative, we are now accepting applications for the following positions:

Role Responsibilities

Community Coordinator roles are recommended for entry-level esports enthusiasts looking to round out their existing skill sets while delivering Tespa operational success.

Community Lead roles are recommended for veteran esports enthusiasts looking to be strategic contributors and lead teams to deliver long-term operational success.

Manager level roles are recommended for exemplary leaders or experienced industry contributors looking to plan, organize, and lead multiple coordinator teams across multiple categories.

We believe that our programs and opportunities can help future esports leaders take gaming to new heights and serve as catalysts for healthy competitive gaming communities.