Loot Drops are an exciting new way for students to earn high-value items from our Tespa partners and publishers.

Announcing the latest creation from Tespa Labs — Loot Drops! Starting today, students will be able to level up and use Loot Points for a chance to earn high-value items from our Tespa partners. To celebrate our new feature, we’re offering an epic Republic of Gamers Loot Drop featuring high-end gaming peripherals and a Battle of Azeroth™ Loot Drop that includes a signed Sylvanas statue!

Loot DropsMember Progression

How It Works

When a new Loot Drop is announced during 2018, all Tespa students will be awarded Loot Points based on their current Tespa Member level. Students can then allocate their Loot Points for a chance to earn epic items within the Loot Drop — the more points allocated toward a piece of loot, the higher the chance of getting it. Visit the Loot Drops home page for additional details and terms.

Participation Loot


All Tespa Members who participate in a Loot Drop for the first time will receive a free Heroes of the Storm® in-game Loot Box and a custom Loot Drops avatar.

Bonus Points

Within each Loot Drop, students can earn bonus points for checking out partner websites and following their social media channels. Points are exclusive to each Loot Drop, so use them early and often!