Missed our first AMA featuring Team Tespa? Here's your TL;DR!

Each month we’ll be inviting professionals from the gaming industry to discuss career development and to provide insight about different careers within the gaming industry. Topics will include career paths, networking, and tips for applying and interviewing for jobs and internships.

Our first AMA featured four Tespa team members from our Compete, Community, and Tools teams.

AMA Summary

1. Network, network, network

Networking was the theme of the night. How did you prepare for your interview? Network. What advice do you have for students pursuing a similar role? Network. How do I find an internship? Network!

Christine: I can’t say enough about informational interviews. Get in touch with someone who is in the role you want to be in, and ask them how they got there.
Robert: The biggest piece of advice I can give is to reach out to people you look up to, and want to be like, for advice. Be genuine and make sure you’re interested in what they’re doing and not just using them for a job.

2. Portfolios > Resumes

"Don’t tell me. Show me."  Our panelists iterated and reiterated how important projects and portfolios are to getting a job in the gaming industry. It doesn’t matter what you major in, what matters is what you’ve accomplished.

Zach: Personal projects are so important. You will learn so much doing something from scratch, and being able to show off a tangible, finished product is impressive.
Christine: Take advantage of every opportunity within your field of interest that you have available to you - volunteer opportunities, opportunities within your university, internships, etc. These will help you build your portfolio.
Jake: Too many people sit and talk about how something could be better or come up with a really neat idea, but never put any of it in action. Make it happen! Otherwise, it’s just words.
Robert: Even if a position isn’t in esports, don’t shy away from it. Opportunities in other jobs and the things you learn there will still be relevant. Skills are transferable.

3. Personal and professional development through Tespa

Our panelists talked about the impact Tespa has made on their personal and professional development.

Robert: Tespa values the growth of their employees, so there are always opportunities to get involved. I have the support to work on my projects that will help me expand my career knowledge.
Christine: I’ve learned more about myself in the last few months in this role than I have in any previous employment. I attribute this to the people I work with that always challenge me to do better.
Jake: Tespa gave me a large experience jump in my professional life.

4. Is it too late to pursue a career in esports?

Jake: No!
Zach: No!
Robert: No!
Christine: It’s never too late! There are people who do a total 180 and change their careers. Esports is still a young industry. In a lot of ways, we’re just getting started.

5. Bonus: Favorite games

Jake: Rainbow Six Siege, Dota 2, Slay the Spire
Christine: Pokemon Go, League of Legends
Robert: Spider-Man, World of Warcraft, Spore
Zach: Dota 2, Starcraft, Witcher 3

Panelist-recommended Resources

Next month we’ll be hosting two AMA's featuring previous Blizzterns! Our panelists will share more about the Blizzard internship process and what they're doing now. These panels will take place October 17 and October 25 on our Tespa Community Discord.