Tournament Ended

North American Collegiate Hearthstone Open

Open Collegiate Tournament for $5,000+ in prizing!


Jul 29 - Aug 8, 2014


Aug 9 - Aug 17, 2014




College Students
Prepare your decks, collegiate Hearthstone players! Our team is proud to announce that we will be hosting a 2nd North American Collegiate Hearthstone Open for $5,000 in scholarships, culminating in an epic grand finals showdown in Seattle at PAX Prime 2014!

All registrants will battle online using the TeSPA Compete Portal in a double-elimination bracket until only 8 finalists remain.  Those 8 finalists will be flown out to PAX Prime to face off on the Twitch Stage!  The top three players will also secure coveted spots in the 2014 Hearthstone™ World Championships BlizzCon Qualifier!

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Players in the tournament will be entered into our giveaway and selected at random on stream during the finals!

  • 1 Card Pack to 25 Winners
  • 1 TeSPA Shirt to 10 winners
  • 1 Murloc to 3 winners
  • 1 TeSPA Mug to 3 winners