Tournament Ended

CHC - West Playoffs

West Regional Playoffs for the Collegiate Hearthstone Championship


Nov 13 - Nov 13, 2015


Nov 14 - Nov 22, 2015




College Students

Welcome to the Collegiate Hearthstone Championship! A Nine Week tournament featuring college teams from across the United States and Canada. Using a brand new 3v3 Team Format, players must work together to play a single deck at a time in Best of Five matches. Please read over the Rules for more information about eligibility, schedule and format.

This is tournament bracket for the West Regional Playoff Bracket. All teams with a positive Win/Loss Record in CHC West Group have advanced to the playoffs!

Playoff Brackets:

West Playoffs / East Playoffs / South Playoffs / North Playoffs

If you have any questions or concerns please Contact Us!


Catch the Collegiate Hearthstone Championship Regional Finals on 11/22! You can watch it at

1st Place: $12,000 USD in scholarships. (Per Player)

2nd Place: $7,000 USD in scholarships. (Per Player)

3rd - 4th Place: $4,000 USD in scholarships. (Per Player)

5th - 8th Place: $2,000 USD in scholarships. (Per Player)