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TCS 2018: Starcraft 2 Team Brawl

TCS Starcraft 2 returns with Team Brawl! 4 teams will qualify to join our 12 SC2 teams for their share of $35,000 in scholarships & prizing.


Feb 2 - Feb 8, 2018


Feb 17 - Apr 28, 2018



College Students

Qualifier 1 Qualifier 2

Tespa is proud to announce the Tespa Collegiate Series: Starcraft 2 Team Brawl 2018! This season will be an 8 week round robin tournament of 16 teams. Teams will be playing for a chance at $35,000 in prizing!


We’re looking for students of all skill levels across the United States and Canada to get involved and represent their schools. Students currently enrolled or who will be enrolled in the upcoming Fall semester are eligible to compete.

Once you've registered an account on Compete and verified your Student Status, you will be able to sign up for this tournament.

If your Student Email or School is new to our system, please allow up to 24 hours for your student status to be validated.


16 teams will be playing 2 matches a week starting February 17th in a round robin format, with one match on the final week being reserved for potential tiebreakers. 12 of the teams have already qualified from our fall series and will be facing off against 4 more teams found through our qualifiers.

Discord & Help:

We encourage you to join our Competitive Discord to chat with tournament admins and other competitors in real time. Additionally you can Contact Us or send us an email at for any general inquiries about the tournament.

At the end of the 8 weeks of round robin, the teams will be seeded into our Towers of Doom format with the conclusion being fought out in a single elimination bracket for a chance to earn their share of $35,000 in scholarships and prizing.


1st Place Team

$3,500 USD in Scholarships (Per Player)

2nd Place Team

$2,000 USD in Scholarships (Per Player)

3rd/4th Place Team

$1,000 USD in Scholarships (Per Player)

5th-8th Place Teams

Monitor ($250 ARV per player)

Participation Prize:

Teams that plays every assigned match will be given $150 Blizzard Balance per player, or $125 Blizzard balance per player if a sub is on the team.