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TCS 2018: Starcraft 2 Team Brawl

TCS Starcraft 2 returns with Team Brawl! 4 teams will qualify to join our 12 SC2 teams for their share of $35,000 in scholarships & prizing.


Feb 2 - Feb 8, 2018


Feb 17 - Apr 28, 2018



College Students

Registration for TCS: Starcraft 2 Team Brawl 2018 for qualified teams from the previous fall 2017 season will be open until February 8th. A team must be registered with 3 players by the February 8th or risk disqualification from the tournament. Matches will begin February 17th after the second qualifier has concluded.

Teams will be assigned 2 matches each Monday till the conclusion of the 8 weeks of play. The default time to play your matches is at 5:00 pm PDT and 7:00 pm PDT every Saturday, but matches can be rescheduled to an earlier time if both captains agree on a time.

Upon the conclusion of round robin, the top 4 teams will be seeded into the Championship Playoffs, while the remaining 12 teams will be seeded into 4 separate towers of doom.

Round Robin

    • Week 1
      • Matches Default Date February 17th
      • Starting Map Abiogenesis LE
    • Week 2
      • Matches Default Date February 24th
      • Starting Map Acid Plant LE
    • Week 3
      • Matches Default Date March 3rd
      • Starting Map Backwater LE
    • Week 4
      • Matches Default Date March 10th
      • Starting Map Eastwatch LE
    • Week 5
      • Matches Default Date March 17th
      • Starting Map Blackpink LE
    • Week 6
      • Matches Default Date March 24th
      • Starting Map Catalyst LE
    • Week 7
      • Matches Default Date March 31st
      • Starting Map Neon Violet Square LE
    • Week 8
      • Matches Default Date April 7th
      • Starting Map Acid Plant LE


Towers of Doom Playoffs April 14th & 21st
Championship Playoffs April 28th

Saturday Default Time Slots:

All weekly matches will have Saturday designated as the default time for matches to be played.

      • Match 1 Saturday, 5:00 PM PDT
      • Match 2 Saturday, 7:00 PM PDT