Tournament Ended

Heroes of the Dorm 2018 - Open Ladder

Welcome to Heroes of the Dorm - 2018 Open Ladder. Players will play weekly matches to receive the participation prizes.


Feb 4 - Mar 18, 2018


Feb 11 - Mar 18, 2018




College Students
Registration for the Premier bracket is closed, but you can still field a team for the Open Ladder for similar participation prizing.

Open Division February 12th - March 18th

The Tespa Heroes of the Dorm Open Division consists of weekly matches, with teams choosing to play either zero (0) or two (2) best-of-three matches. Teams are not required to play any matches during any game week, however they will be penalized with an elo decay penalty for selecting less than two matches over any two week period OR the effects of a match loss in the case of a forfeit. Every Monday, the requested number of matches will be assigned to teams.

  • Open ladder play will begin on Feburary 12th and will run on the following schedule:
    • Week 1
      • Week 1 Match Opt-in Sign-up Feb 7th
      • Week 1 Match Opt-in Due Feb 11th 11:59pm PDT
      • Matches Assigned Feb 12th
      • Matches Default Time Feb 18th
    • Week 2
      • Week 2 Match Opt-in Sign-up Feb 14th
      • Week 2 Match Opt-in Due Feb 18th 11:59pm PDT
      • Matches Assigned Feb 19th
      • Matches Default Time Feb 25th
    • Week 3
      • Week 3 Match Opt-in Sign-up Feb 21st
      • Week 3 Match Opt-in Due Feb 25th 11:59pm PDT
      • Matches Assigned Feb 26th
      • Matches Default Time Mar 4th
    • Week 4
      • Week 4 Match Opt-in Sign-up Feb 28th
      • Week 4 Match Opt-in Due Mar 4th 11:59pm PDT
      • Matches Assigned Mar 5th
      • Matches Default Time Mar 11th
    • Week 5
      • Week 5 Match Opt-in Sign-up Mar 7th
      • Week 5 Match Opt-in Due Mar 11th 11:59pm PDT
      • Matches Assigned Mar 12th
      • Matches Default Time Mar 18th