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Heroes of the Dorm 2018 - National Bracket

Team up with your fellow classmates and compete for an epic prize pool of over $500,000 in Scholarships & Prizing!


Jan 22 - Feb 5, 2018


Feb 6 - May 26, 2018




College Students


This brief overview is not intended to replace the Tournament Rules which can be found here. Registrants should carefully consult the Tournament Rules for additional requirements concerning the operation of the Tournament.

Who is eligible?

  • College students in the United States and Canada
    • Players must be considered full-time students by their school
    • Players must be considered legal residents of the United States or Canada
      • Quebec residents are eligible
    • Students should be enrolled in an accredited graduate school or 4-year college or university
      • Students attending a 2-year college are eligible
      • Competitors must maintain a 2.5 GPA to be eligible for prizing
    • Players must be the age of majority in their country of residence or under the age of majority but over 13 (a minor) must have parental consent to participate
    • Players must have a registered and authorized account at compete and
  • Eligible teams consist of 5 to 6 participants
    • We encourage schools to designate a manager to help manage your primary team
    • All players must attend the same school, team registration will show open teams from your school to help you find or advertise your team
    • Players cannot be on more than one team
    • Teams must designate 5 members of the team as 'players' and any additional players as 'substitutes'
  • There is no limit to the amount of teams that can register per school
    • Only one team per school will play in the Regular Season, in the event that more than one team from a school is created, the captains will be contacted to combine forces
    • Any additional teams from the same school will be placed in the Open ladder where teams can participate in weekly matches for the participation prize
  • Players must verify their school enrollment during registration by attaching a valid school email to their profile
    • Schools that do not provide a school email can contact support
    • Additional proof of enrollment will be required upon reaching the round of 64 stage of the Tournament

For questions about registration and eligibility, feel free to Contact Us!

What is the schedule?

Please refer to the schedule tab for the full schedule.
Regular Season February 5th - March 11th
Teams will be assigned into Regions based on region proximity using the Swiss tournament format. The "Atlantic Coast Region" will play its regional games on Tuesdays. All Teams will play 10 matches over the course of 5 weeks. Teams may contact their opponent to play at anytime before 11:59 pm PST of each Thursday. Any matches not played by this time each week may be marked as no-shows.
Regional Championships March 11th

All teams will be seeded into a single elimination regional championship where they will have to conquer their region for prizing. Placing in the Regional Championship may affect your team’s seeding in the Championship Bracket, so get ready to throw down in the Nexus!

Championship Bracket March 28th - April 19th

The top national performing teams will advance to the Championship Bracket. Teams will be seeded based off regular season play and region championship play.

Captains will be sent scheduling forms to help us schedule Ro64 - Ro8 matches that work both for your team and allow us to schedule you onto the broadcast. If no reschedule time can be agreed upon between teams, then the default match time will be used.

We encourage you to join our Competitive Discord and keep an eye on your Email as to not miss any important tournament dates!

How do we play our matches?

  • Matches will be assigned on the ‘Brackets’ tab, they can also be found on the ‘My Matches’ tab when logged in
  • Each round is assigned a default match time. Teams must be online and ready to play at their assigned match time, or schedule their games before the default match time.
    • Matches cannot be played after 11:59pm of each Thursday of each week
    • If a match is played earlier, winning team must wait until the scheduled match time to report the score
  • If both team captains do not agree to play earlier, failure to be online during the scheduled round time within 20 minutes after the round begins will result in a forfeit of the match
  • Teams may not pause for more than 10 minutes during a game
    • Pausing longer may result in a warning, game loss, or match loss and is up to the discretion of the tournament admin
    • Should a player lose their connection and 'drop', if they do not reconnect within the allocated pause time, the game will continue
  • All players are responsible for their own internet connections
  • All players in the match lobby must be listed on the team page as either a ‘Player’ or ‘Substitute’
    • The usage of a player who is not registered as a player or substitute player on a team roster will result in penalties that could include loss of the match, disqualification, or a re-game
  • Team captains are required to save replays of all games their team plays during the tournament
    • Upon match completion, the winning team captain must report the win and upload relevant replays to their match page on the Compete Website
  • If a win is unreported, both teams will be assumed to be 'no-show' and will not be assigned further matches
  • If the team captain is unable to report the score, reports the score incorrectly, or the other team records the score incorrectly, that captain must contact a tournament admin with relevant evidence to show the correct outcome

Having an issue with your match? Please be sure to contact an Admin immediately, either through Email or Discord!

What is the match format?

  • All Tournament matches will be played on the Heroes of the Storm Tournament Realm, teams should download the latest patches and stay up to date on any balance changes
  • Teams will be assigned two weekly matches
    • One game based in their Region, the other game Nationally
  • Matches shall consist of 2 teams competing in one Best of 3 match
    • Team 1 will choose first map pick or first hero pick
    • Whichever team has map pick will ban a map from the map pool
    • The other team will then ban another map from the live map pool
    • The team with map pick will pick the first map that is played with the other team having first hero pick
  • After the initial game of a match is played, the losing team will be allowed to choose from any of the remaining maps (those that have not been banned/played), or to have first hero pick
    • The winning team will receive the option the losing team does not pick
    • The losing team should create the next draft incorporating the first pick and map decision
  • Match will continue until one of the teams wins 2 games, at which point that team will be considered the winner of the match
    • Finals will be Best of 5 and conclude when a team wins 3 games
  • Matches will take place on Blizzard's Tournament Server
  • Only maps available in the 'Live' map pool are allowed to be selected for the tournament
    • Maps can only be picked once per match
  • Tournament admins reserve the right to limit whether certain heroes or game maps may be used for tournament play
    • New heroes will not be allowed until 14 days after the hero release

Skin & Mount Restrictions

Tespa may prohibit the use of certain in-game cosmetic items during Heroes of the Dorm competition, including but not limited to the prohibited items listed below. The list of prohibited items below is an exhaustive list as of January 1, 2018. Usage of any prohibited items may prompt a penalty according to the level of involvement and Tespa’s discretion. The list of prohibited items may be updated by Blizzard from time to time in the future according to Tespa’s sole discretion. 
  • Prohibited Character Skins
    • Archangel Diablo
    • Twilight Archangel Diablo
    • Skyborne Archangel Diablo
    • Toxic Archangel Diablo
    • Cyberhawk Kael'thas
    • Sapphire Cyberhawk Kael'thas
    • Cyborghawk Kael'thas
    • Spectre Cyberhawk Kael'thas
    • Maraudin' Muradin
    • Raider Maraudin' Muradin
    • Dominion Maraudin' Muradin
    • UmojanMaraudin' Muradin
    • Striker Li-Ming
    • Scarlet Striker Li-Ming
    • Canary Striker Li-Ming
    • Sapphire Striker Li-Ming
    • Mecha Tyrael
    • Deathreaper Mecha Tyrael
    • Strike Mecha Tyrael
  • Prohibited Sprays
    • All animated sprays
  • Prohibited Character Mounts
    • Arthas Bat Form
    • Kerrigan Bat Transformation
  • Prohibited Mounts
    • Invisible Horse

What is the Region distribution?

  • Teams will be organized by Tespa into “Regions” as a result of the number of team signups. Schools will be placed into these “Regions” as per the location of the physical campus
    • The “Atlantic Coast” Region shall include Clemson University, North Carolina State University, University of Louisville, Wake Forest University, Boston College, Florida State University, Syracuse University, University of Notre Dame, University of Miami (FL), Virginia Tech, Georgia Institute of Technology, Duke University, University of Virginia, University of Pittsburgh, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    • All other remaining teams will be divided up into regions via Tespa’s location based algorithm. More information can be found in the full tournament Rules.

What is the battleground map pool?

Tespa reserves the right to change the following map pool at any time during the tournament.

Open Ladder Format

  • As only one team per school will play in the Regular Season, any additional teams from the same school will be placed in the Open ladder where teams can participate in weekly matches and earn the participation prize
    • The participation prize is an exclusive in-game Portrait, Spray, and Banner
      • Teams flagged as no-show will not receive prizing
    • Teams will be automatically moved from the main tournament to the Open Ladder after registration closes and all teams are processed. As such, all you have to do is sign up for this tournament!
    • Open ladder play will begin on Feburary 12th and will run on the following schedule:
      • Week 1
        • Week 1 Match Opt-in Sign-up Feb 7th
        • Week 1 Match Opt-in Due Feb 11th 11:59pm PDT
        • Matches Assigned Feb 12th
        • Matches Default Time Feb 18th
      • Week 2
        • Week 2 Match Opt-in Sign-up Feb 14th
        • Week 2 Match Opt-in Due Feb 18th 11:59pm PDT
        • Matches Assigned Feb 19th
        • Matches Default Time Feb 25th
      • Week 3
        • Week 3 Match Opt-in Sign-up Feb 21st
        • Week 3 Match Opt-in Due Feb 25th 11:59pm PDT
        • Matches Assigned Feb 26th
        • Matches Default Time Mar 4th
      • Week 4
        • Week 4 Match Opt-in Sign-up Feb 28th
        • Week 4 Match Opt-in Due Mar 4th 11:59pm PDT
        • Matches Assigned Mar 5th
        • Matches Default Time Mar 11th
      • Week 5
        • Week 5 Match Opt-in Sign-up Mar 7th
        • Week 5 Match Opt-in Due Mar 11th 11:59pm PDT
        • Matches Assigned Mar 12th
        • Matches Default Time Mar 18th