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Collegiate Rocket League Open

Series of weekly matches wherein colleges battle their way to the top of a leaderboard, with a shot at the Wildcard Invitational!



Sep 6 - Nov 19, 2018


Sep 16 - Nov 25, 2018




College Students

The Tespa Rocket League Open Series consists of weekly matches, with teams choosing to play either zero (0) or three (3) best-of-three matches. If Teams do not elect to play a number of matches, they will be assigned zero (0) matches for that week. Teams are not required to play any matches during any game week, however they will be penalized with an elo decay penalty for averaging fewer than one (1) match a week OR the effects of a match loss in the case of a forfeit. Every Monday, the requested number of matches will be assigned to teams. Each match is assigned a default match time, which will take place during one (1) of three (3) time slots on the following Sunday. Matches can be played earlier if both Team Coordinators or Captains agree and they document the agreement in writing (for e.g. a screenshot of the in-game chat, email, etc.) Instead of the usual weekly matches, week 10 will see teams fight it out in a Single Elimination bracket to determine placement prizing.

Teams have up until 20 minutes after their match time to be present and in condition to play. This constitutes having 3 eligible team members present and in-lobby. If a match is rescheduled from a time that is not the default match time, the agreed upon time becomes the default match time and the 20 minutes will apply from that point.


Week Opt-Ins Begin Opt-Ins Close Matches Assigned Match Default time
Week 1 Aug. 16th* N/A Sept. 18th Sept. 23rd
Week 2 Sept. 19th Sept. 23rd Sept. 24th Sept. 30th
Week 3 Sept. 26th Sept. 30th Oct. 1st Oct. 7th
Week 4 Oct. 3rd Oct. 7th Oct. 8th Oct. 14th
Week 5 Oct. 10th Oct. 14th Oct. 15th Oct. 21st
Week 6 Oct. 17th Oct. 21st Oct. 22nd Oct. 28th
Week 7 Oct. 24th Oct. 28th Oct. 29th Nov. 4th
Week 8 Oct. 31st Nov. 4th Nov 5th Nov. 11th
Week 9 Nov. 7th Nov. 11th Nov 12th Nov. 18th
Finals N/A N/A Nov 21st Nov. 24th - 25th

*All registered teams by the first week of Collegiate Rocket League Open Matches will receive 3 matches for the first week.

Default Game Times Sunday
Game 1 12:00 PM PDT
Game 2 1:30 PM PDT
Game 3 3:00 PM PDT

Sunday Default Time Slots: Each weekly tournament will have Sunday designated as the default time for matches to be played. Please coordinate with your opponent to play your matches either before or by the default times listed.

Wildcard Invitational

October 15th, 2018

After the fourth week of matches, the top sixteen (16) teams from each conference teams will be added to a single elimination Best-of-Five (Bo5) bracket to determine the top Open Ladder teams. The top two (2) teams will be given wildcard slots in the Conference Playoffs, and will have the chance to fight for the $75,000 USD scholarship prize pool.

Round Start Time
Round of 16 5:00 PM PDT
Round of 8 5:50 PM PDT
Semi-Finals 6:30 PM PDT
Finals* 7:00 PM PDT

*Disclaimer: Both teams that make it to the finals will move on to their conference's playoffs. The winner of the bracket will go in as the higher seed.


Championship Bracket: Sunday, November 25th

After the ninth week of matches, the top 16 teams in the open ladder will be added to a single elimination bracket to determine the top Open Ladder teams. The top eight (8) teams will earn prizing relative to their placement.

Round Time Series
Round of 16 1:00 PM PST Best-of-5
Quarterfinals 2:00 PM PST Best-of-5
Semifinals 2:45 PM PST Best-of-5
Finals 3:30 PM PST Best-of-7