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Overwatch Collegiate Championship: Varsity League

The Overwatch Collegiate Championship is here! Test your abilities against the best in the nation for school pride and scholarship prizing!


Dec 20 - Jan 16, 2019


Jan 17 - Apr 21, 2019




College Students

Regional League

National League

Varsity League


It is time to decide which school is the best at Overwatch the US and Canada! The Varsity League is a region-based tournament that is only open to schools with an official esports program. We will create a total of four regions. Your performances from week to week will help seed you into the Varsity Playoffs, in which the best team from each region will then move forward to the National Championship! Note that there can only be one team from each Varsity school participating in this tournament. In order to qualify for the National Championship, your team must also participate in the Regional League and in the National League. Varsity teams will be selected by Tespa based on eligibility. Please refer to our rules for information on varsity eligibility.

Schedule and Format

Each Varsity school will be split into one of four regions based on the location and the relative strength of their school. Teams within their region will play against every other team in a round-robin format. Teams will be free to schedule when they play their opponents, but must finish their matches before February 20th, 2019 at 11:59pm PST. At the end of the round-robin tournament, every team will be seeded into a regional single-elimination bracket. The winners of each region will then move onto the Ro64 National Championship bracket. For a detailed schedule, please view the Schedule Tab.

Eligibility and Registration

In order to participate in the Varsity League, your school must first be considered a Varsity School. Students enrolled in schools that have recognized varsity esports programs are invited to participate in a league specifically curated for their teams. Some ways we can tell if a school is varsity is if they have any combination of the following:

  • The university administration have sanctioned a varsity esports program.
  • They have a school designated faculty or staff member to lead the program.
  • Students receive scholarships for esports.
  • Students have a dedicated practice space and time.

If you are the Esports Program Manager or director, please email with your school name, team name, and contact with the title line "Overwatch Varsity League" so we can verify your varsity program and register your team for the Varsity League. Programs will be verified at our discretion. Only one team per school will be allowed in the Varsity League. Rosters from your Overwatch Collegiate Championship: Preseason team will then be copied over. All roster changes after registration should be made on the Overwatch Collegiate Championship: National League tournament page. After rosters lock, your team will be copied over.


The top 4 teams in the Varsity League will be eligible to compete in the National Championship. The top four teams of the National Championship will receive scholarship prizing for up to six players on their team.

1st Place

$1700 USD per player (up to 6 players)

2nd Place

$1200 USD per player (up to 6 players)

3rd - 4th Place

$650 USD per player (up to 6 players)


Need help? First visit our Rules on Tespa Compete as well as our Frequently Asked Questions section on the Tespa Compete Discord. If you can't find the answer to your question, visit our Tespa Compete Discord and ask for an Overwatch Tournament Admin. Non-urgent, off-hour questions and general inquiries can be submitted via email!