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Overwatch Collegiate Championship: Varsity League

The Overwatch Collegiate Championship is here! Test your abilities against the best in the nation for school pride and scholarship prizing!


Dec 20 - Jan 16, 2019


Jan 17 - Apr 21, 2019




College Students
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This brief overview is not intended to replace the Tournament Rules, which can be found here. Registrants should carefully consult the Tournament Rules for additional requirements concerning the operation of the Tournament. If you suspect somebody of cheating or would like to report bad manners, please report them here.

1. Acceptance of Official Rules

  • 1.1 Acceptance. Each Participant must agree to the Official Rules by:
    • Registering to participate in the Tournament.
    • Participating in any match that is part of the tournament.

2. Players

    • 2.1 Eligibility. To be able to compete as a "Player," you must meet the following requirements:
      • Be in good standing with respect to any Blizzard Battle.Net accounts registered in your name. (2.1.A)
      • Be over the age of majority in your jurisdiction of resident. (2.1.B)
      • Be a legal resident of the United States or Canada. (2.1.C)
      • Not be on academic probation at your currently enrolled University during any point of the competition. (2.1.E)
      • Agree to be bound by these Official Rules. (2.1.H)
    • 2.2 Verification of Eligibility. Every member of a Team who plays in the Tournament may be required to provide proof of enrollment; otherwise the Team is ineligible to win a prize in this Tournament.
    • 2.4 Player Names.
      • Players must use an acceptable name in Tespa competition. Players may use Battle Tags or handles during the Tournament. (2.4.A)
      • Player names may not include a sponsor name. (2.4.B)
      • Player names may not include a product name or description. (2.4.C)
      • Player names may not include any words that are purely commercial. (2.4.D)
      • Player names must comply with these Rules. (2.4.E)
      • Tespa has the right to request a Player name change for any reason, not restricted to the above. (2.4.F)

3. Teams

  • 3.1 Tournament Teams.  A “Team” will consist of up to six (6) Players, three (3) optional Substitutes, and an optional Team Manager. All Players, Substitutes, and Team Managers on a team must attend the same Eligible Institution.
  • 3.2 Team Management. Each Team must have a single individual designated as Team Captain. Each Team may have a single individual designated as Team Manager.
    • Team Manager. The Team Manager will act as a Team’s primary contact for all roster changes, rule disputes, and other communication between Teams and Tournament Administration. The Team Manager may not participate as one of the Team’s Players or Substitutes.
    • Team Captain. In the case that a team does not have a team manager, the team Captain will act as a Team’s primary contact for all roster changes, rule disputes, and other communication between Teams and Tournament Administration. The Team Captain can be used, in all purposes, as a player. This role may be transferred to another player on the Team outside of any Roster Locking (3.5) periods.
  • 3.3 Designation. Team Managers must apply and be accepted before final Roster Locks. IN the event of a Team Manager Change, Tournament Administration must be informed by the Team.
  • 3.4 Roster Requirements.
    • Players. Each Team may designate up to six (6) starting Players.
    • Substitutes. s. Each Team may designate up to three (3) substitute Players. These Players may replace Players during the Season. Teams may utilize any available substitute who is present on their Roster.
    • Roster Locking. Throughout the tournament, rosters may have roster locking periods, where rosters will be unable to be altered prior to upcoming matches. After a roster lock begins, rosters will not be available for alteration. Tournament Administration may overrule this due to unforeseen circumstances.

4. Matches and Standings

  • 4.1 Match Structure. All Tournament matches will either be designated as Best-of-3 or Bestof-5 by Tespa prior to a match
    • A. Best-of-3. Each Best-of-3 match will consist of up to three (3) Game matches on three maps, with the first team to two (2) map wins winning the match. If neither team wins two (2) maps, the team with the most wins will win the match.
    • B. Best-of-5. Each Best-of-5 match will consist of up to five (5) Game matches on three maps, with the first team to three (3) map wins winning the match. If neither team wins three (3) maps, the team with the most wins will win the match.
    • C. Ties. In the case of a tie, Tournament Administration will designate an additional tiebreaker map.
    • D. Standings. Standings will be updated by Tournament Administration on a weekly basis. 
  • 4.2 Tournament Format.  The Tournament will take place from December 21, 2018 to April 21, 2019, and will operate according to the following structure. Teams will advance to the Tournament’s National Championship through one of the three “leagues” described below. All teams are required to participate in the National League and Regional League. Only teams invited by Tespa may participate in the Varsity League.
  • To view the full tournament format, please refer to the official tournament rules.
  • 4.4 Rescheduling. Matches that are not playoff matches or matches selected for a broadcast may be rescheduled to any time before the assigned match time. Matches may not be rescheduled to after the assigned match time.

5. Match Details

  • 5.1 Map Rotation. Maps for the National League and Division Play will be determined and assigned by the Tournament Administration in advance. For all other sections of the Tournament, the initial map will be assigned by Tournament Administration, and the subsequent maps will be chosen from a set of maps within each game type by the losing team. Maps for the tournament will be posted on Compete as well as assigned in the Match Assignment emails.
  • 5.2 Match Settings. All games should be played with the “Competitive” pre-set selected. All maps except for the map to be played should be set to “off”. All heroes communicated to be banned (if any) should also be set to “off”. The lobby should be set to “Invite Only.”

6. Match Rules

  • 6.1 Game Restarts. The decision of what circumstances merit a game restart are solely at the discretion of Tournament Administration. Restart protocol will be decided by Tournament Administration and communicated to the team before being executed.
  • 6.2 Results. Competitors will be responsible for confirming and recording all map and match results on the website.
  • 6.3 Technical Issues. Players are responsible for any of their own technical issues, including hardware, software, or internet issues.
  • 6.4 Streaming and Spectating. Players will be allowed to stream their matches during the Tournament from their own perspective. Players streaming do so at their own risk. Participants on a roster of a Team in a match may spectate that Team only in that match using “Spectate red only” or “Spectate blue only.”
    • Spectators may stream Tournament matches so long as there is a 3-minute delay in the broadcast, and the sponsorship requirements in the Official Tournament Rules are followed. Spectators not on a roster may spectate with permission from both teams participating in the match. Spectators may also spectate both teams with permission from both teams. Tespa or Tournament Administration may revoke any spectator or Participants’ streaming privileges at any time upon giving notice. (6.4.A)

7. Communication

  • 7.2 Announcements. Large announcements, general information, ruleset, and bracket can be found via, emails, and the official Tespa Compete Discord server. These sources can serve as an information hub for teams
  • 7.3 Email. Players may email for any issues that they experience, or to provide feedback as necessary. This method will often receive slower responses than reaching out to administrators via the Compete Discord channel.

8. Conduct

  • 8.1 Sportsmanship and Professionalism. All Participants are required to act in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner at all times. Tournament Administration maintains the sole right in judgment for violations of these rules and standards of integrity for good sportsmanship.
  • 8.2 Competitive Integrity Teams are expected to play at their best at all points during any match and will maintain behaviors consistent with the principles of good sportsmanship, honesty, and fair play. Tournament Administration maintains the sole right in judgement for violations of these rules and standards of integrity for competitive play. 

9. Prizing

  • 9.1 Scholarship Prizing.The six (6) eligible Players who participate in the Tournament’s National Championship semifinals and, in the case of 1st and 2nd Place, finals (“Winners”) will receive the “Scholarship Prizes” set forth in points below. No other Tournament Participants will receive prizing. All Scholarship Prizes will pay the Winner’s future college “Tuition” up to the amounts listed below, subject to the Scholarship Limitations and Requirements listed in the official Tournament Rules.
    • 1st place: $1,700 USD Scholarship per player (up to 6 players)
    • 2nd place: $1,200 USD Scholarship per player (up to 6 players)
    • 3rd place: $650 USD Scholarship per player (up to 6 players)
    • 4th place: $650 USD Scholarship per player (up to 6 players)
Having an issue with your match? Please be sure to contact an Admin immediately, either through Email or Discord!