Tournament Ended

TCS: Heroes of the Storm Spring 2019

Tespa Collegiate Series: Heroes has begun!


Feb 6 - Feb 27, 2019


Mar 2 - May 15, 2019




College Students
Congratulations to Rutgers University! They are your 2019 TCS: Heroes Champions!


This brief overview is not intended to replace the Official Rules, which can be found here. Registrants should carefully consult the Tournament Rules for additional requirements concerning the operation of the Tournament. If you suspect somebody of cheating or would like to report harassment and any other breaches of sportsmanship, please report them here

1. Acceptance of Official Rules

    • 1.1 Acceptance. Each Participant must agree to the Official Rules by:
      • Registering to participate in the Tournament.
      • Participating in any match that is part of the tournament.

2. Players

    • 2.1 Eligibility. To To be able to compete as a "Player," you must meet the following requirements:
      • Be in good standing with respect to any Blizzard Battle.Net accounts registered in your name. (2.1.1)
      • Be over the age of majority in your jurisdiction of resident. (2.1.2)
      • Be a legal resident of the United States or Canada. (2.1.3)
      • Be currently enrolled, or planning to be enrolled, during the tournament period as a full-time student in an Eligible Institution. (2.1.4)
      • Not be on academic probation at your currently enrolled University during any point of the competition. (2.1.5)
      • Agree to be bound by these Official Rules. (2.1.8)
    • 2.2 Verification of Eligibility. Every member of a Team who plays in the Tournament may be required to provide proof of enrollment; otherwise the Team is ineligible to win a prize in this Tournament.

3. Teams

    • 3.1 Tournament Teams. A "Team" will consist of up to five (5) Players, one (1) substitute, and a Team Manager (who may not be one of the Players on a Team)
    • 3.2 Team Manager. Each Team may have a single individual designated as Team Manager. The Team Manager may not be one of the Team's Players.
    • 3.3 Team Management. The Team Manager will act as a Team's primary contact for all roster changes, rule disputes, and other communication between each Team and Tournament Administration.
      • Team Captain. In the case that a team does not have a team manager, the team Captain will act as a Team's primary contact for all roster changes, rule disputes, and other communication between each Team and Tournament Administration. (3.3.1)
    • 3.4 Designation. Team Managers must apply and be accepted before final Roster Locks. IN the event of a Team Manager Change, Tournament Administration must be informed by the Team.
    • 3.5 Roster Requirements.
      • Players. Each Team must designate three (3) starting Players. (3.5.1)
      • Substitutes. Each Team may designate up to one (1) substitute Player. These Players may replace Players during the Season. Teams may utilize any available substitutes who is present on their Roster. Substitutes may change teams between Weeks. (3.5.2)
      • Roster Locking. Throughout the tournament, rosters may have roster locking periods, where rosters will be unable to be altered prior to upcoming matches. (3.5.3)

4. Matches and Standings

    • 4.1 Match Structure. Each match in the tournament will be a best of three outside of playoffs, with the first team to two wins winning the match.
    • 4.2 Tournament Period. The Tournament will take place from March 2nd, 2019 to April 21st, 2019.
    • 4.3 Tournament Schedule. For a full schedule of matches, please go to the schedule tab.
      • It is the full responsibility of the Team Manager and captain to notify team members of changes or delays in tournaments.
    • 4.4 Rescheduling. Teams may reschedule matches during the Regular Season from the time that they are assigned to any time prior to 10:00 PM on the Sunday of each week. Teams may only reschedule matches with their opponent's permission in writing.

5. Match Details

    • 5.1 Map Rotation. The first map for each round will be decided via a map banning process. Team 1 will either elect to receive the first map pick or first hero pick for Game 1. The first map pick team will then ban a map, then the team with first hero pick will ban one map, and then the first map pick team will select a map. The loser of the game will then either elect to pick the next map, that is not banned or already picked, or have first hero pick for the next game. This continues until the match score limit is reach.
      • Tournament Map Pool.
        • Alterac Pass
        • Battlefield of Eternity
        • Braxis Holdout
        • Cursed Hollow
        • Dragon Shire
        • Infernal Shrines
        • Sky Temple
        • Tomb of the Spider Queen
        • Towers of Doom
        • Volskaya Foundry
    • 5.2 Match Settings.
      • Matches will take place on the live client
      • The Central server will be utilized (ORD1) for all games. If both teams are from the West, matches may be played on the West server.
      • When a West team plays a team from a different region , the central server will be selected.
      • Lobby Creation. Participating Teams are responsible for inviting the opposing team and creating match lobbies and matches prior to their match start time.
        • Map shall be selected by the team that has chosen or received first map pick.
        • Lobby Mode: Tournament Draft
        • Game Privacy: Normal
        • First Draft Team: The team that has selected or received the first hero pick
      • If a Tournament Draft custom game cannot be started for your match, please instead manage picks and bans in the lobby chat as follows:
        • Ban Phase
          [Lobby] Blue Team Captain: “Ban: Hero”
          [Lobby] Red Team Captain: “Ban: Hero”
          [Lobby] Blue Team Captain: “Ban: Hero”
          [Lobby] Red Team Captain: “Ban: Hero”

        • Pick Phase
          [Lobby] Blue Team Captain: “Pick: Hero”
          [Lobby] Red Team Captain: “Pick: Hero”
          [Lobby] Red Team Captain: “Pick: Hero”
          [Lobby] Blue Team Captain: “Pick: Hero”
          [Lobby] Blue Team Captain: “Pick: Hero”

        • Ban Phase
          [Lobby] Red Team Captain: “Ban: Hero”
          [Lobby] Blue Team Captain: “Ban: Hero”

        • Pick Phase
          [Lobby] Red Team Captain: “Pick: Hero”
          [Lobby] Red Team Captain: “Pick: Hero”
          [Lobby] Blue Team Captain: “Pick: Hero”
          [Lobby] Blue Team Captain: “Pick: Hero”
          [Lobby] Red Team Captain: “Pick: Hero”

      • A team may request a pause only in the presence of a technical issue. Pause requests will be communicated in match chat during an ongoing match. The details of why a pause is requested must be communicated to the opposing team.
        • Players may not pause a game unnecessarily and should it be required, the player must inform their opponent and/or the tournament administration team immediately by typing “PP” in the in-game chat
    • 5.5 Prohibited In-Game Content. Tournament Administration may prohibit the use of certain in-game cosmetic items, including but not limited to the prohibited items listed below. Usage of any prohibited items may prompt a penalty according to the level of involvement and Tournament Administration’s discretion. The list of prohibited items may be updated by Tournament Administration in the future.
      • Prohibited Character Skins:
        • Archangel Diablo
        • Skyborne Archangel Diablo
        • Toxic Archangel Diablo
        • Twilight Archangel Diablo
        • Cyberhawk Kael'thas
        • Cyborghawk Kael'thas
        • Sapphire Cyberhawk Kael'thas
        • Spectre Cyberhawk Kael’thas
        • Dominion Maraudin' Muradin
        • Maraudin' Muradin
        • Raider Maraudin' Muradin
        • Umojan Maraudin’ Muradin
        • Canary Striker Li-Ming
        • Sapphire Striker Li-Ming
        • Scarlet Striker Li-Ming
        • Striker Li-Ming
        • Deathreaper Mecha Tyrael
        • Mecha Tyrael
        • Strike Mecha Tyrael

      • Mounts:
        • Arthas Bat Form
        • Invisible Horse
        • Kerrigan Bat Transformation

6. Match Rules

    • 6.2 Results. Team Captains and Managers will be responsible for confirming and recording all map and match results on the Compete website.
    • 6.3 Technical Issues. Teams are responsible for any of their own technical issues, including hardware, software, or internet issues.

7. Communication

    • 7.2 Announcements. Large announcements, general information, ruleset, and bracket can be found here and the official Tespa Compete Discord server. These websites will serve as an information hub for teams.
    • 7.3 Email. Players may email for any issues that they experience, or to provide feedback as necessary. This method will often receive slower responses than reaching out to administrators via the Compete Discord channel.

8. Conduct

    • 8.1 Sportsmanship and Professionalism. All Participants are required to act in a respectful sportsmanlike manner at all times and abide by the player Code of Conduct, as posted on the Compete website and in the Official Rules.
Having an issue with your match? Please be sure to contact an Admin immediately, either through Email or Discord!