Spring 2019 Season of CRL - Western Qualifier

Fight your way to the top of your region to qualify for conference play and a shot at the $50,000 scholarship prize pool!


Feb 14 - Feb 15, 2019


Feb 25 - Feb 27, 2019



College Students
No-Shows may be reported 20 minutes past the round time. All matches will be played in the interest of seeding.

The Spring 2019 Season of Collegiate Rocket League will see two stages of play. Beginning with the Qualifier tournament, teams will participate in a bracket to determine qualifying teams. The tournament will then transition to the elimination stage, wherein all qualified teams will play through a Round of 64 bracket.

Qualifier Schedule

Teams will compete in a Double-Elimination bracket with the number of rounds proportional to the number of registrants. The rounds to be played on each day will be posted here once registration closes. The first round of each day will begin at 12:00 PM PST.

Registration Closes Matches Begin Matches End
February 14th 11:59 PM PST February 16th February 17th


Round Time Saturday, February 16th Sunday, February 17th
12:00 PM PST Winners Round 1 Elimination Round 6
Upon conclusion of previous round Winners Round 2 | Elimination Round 1 Winners Round 5 | Elimination Round 7
Upon conclusion of previous round Elimination Round 2 Elimination Round 8
Upon conclusion of previous round Winners Round 3 | Elimination Round 3 Winners Round 6 | Elimination Round 9
Upon conclusion of previous round Elimination Round 4 Elimination Round 10
Upon conclusion of previous round Winners Round 4 | Elimination Round 5 Finals

Conference Championship

Qualified Teams will play in a Single-Elimination Round of 16 bracket containg other teams from their Conference. Broadcasts will begin on Feb 25th, and conclude on March 20th. Each week will focus on a Conference, as they play through their Round of 16 portion of the national 64 team bracket.

Matches Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
TBD Feb 25th Feb 26th Feb 27th
TBD March 4th March 5th March 6th
TBD March 11th March 12th March 13th
TBD March 18th March 19th March 20th