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Overwatch Collegiate Championship: Preseason

What is that melody?! It's the Overwatch Collegiate: Preseason! Test your skills and prepare by playing against other schools!


Aug 12 - Dec 5, 2019


Sep 19 - Dec 15, 2019




College Students

Leaderboard System


Teams will be ranked on the leaderboard based on the rating that they earn throughout the event.


Teams will start with a rating of 1200. Defeating other teams will increase your rating, losing to other teams will decrease your rating. The amount of rating change depends on the relative ratings of both teams before the match and on how active teams have been. If a given team is unable to play during a period of time, their rating changes will be larger, allowing them to make up for the missed time. 

  • Here you can find information on:
    • More of the math that goes into this system
    • A chart depicting how skipping weeks affects rating changes in future weeks
    • Multiple equations and functions for how your rating was calculated
    • Design philosophy behind this system

Match Assignments

Matches are assigned to all teams at the same time. Teams are assigned a match against the closest possible opponent starting from the bottom of the leaderboard and moving upwards. Teams are then assigned a second match against the next closest opponent starting from the bottom of the leaderboard and moving upwards. If an odd number of teams request matches, the top two teams will each have one bye match for the week which will award them half the points they would receive for defeating a team of the same rating.