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Overwatch Varsity Series: Playoffs

You want a medal? Claim one by taking the championship spot on our very first Overwatch Varsity Series!


Aug 20 - Nov 6, 2019


Nov 7 - Nov 13, 2019




College Students

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We challenge the best Varsity Overwatch programs to throw down in a three-stage tournament: the 2019-2020 Overwatch Collegiate: Varsity Series!

Schedule & Format

Twelve applicant teams will automatically qualify for the Varsity Invitational stage. All eligible teams not selected for automatic qualification will have the opportunity to play in two single-elimination Qualifier brackets. The top two teams in each Qualifier bracket will qualify to compete in the Varsity Invitational, for a total of four additional teams. An additional Second-Chance bracket will be open to all teams that did not qualify for the Varsity Invitational. This bracket will be an eight round Swiss tournament that feeds into the Play-in stage.

The Varsity Invitational consists of two regional round robin format tournaments. All qualifying teams will be placed into one of two regions of eight. At the end of the round robin, the top four teams from each group will advance to the Varsity Playoffs. The bottom four teams in each group will have the opportunity to qualify for the playoffs via the Play-in stage.

The Play-in stage will be a single-elimination best-of-five tournament for a chance to qualify for Varsity Playoffs, consisting of the bottom eight teams from the Varsity Invitational and all teams from the Second-Chance bracket. The Varsity Invitational teams receive the top eight seeds, with all Second-Chance teams seeded by their match record. The top two teams from Play-ins advance to the Varsity Playoffs.

Finally, the Playoffs will be a two-tower, five-floor single-elimination bracket. Each tower will be divided by Varsity Invitational region, with the two Play-in teams placed randomly. The towers meet for the final match to determine the first-place winner.

To view a more detailed schedule of the event, visit the schedule tab here.


Teams must apply to join the Varsity Series. Every university that officially sanctions or tangibly supports esports as a student activity is eligible to participate in the Varsity Series. If you're not sure if your program qualifies, we invite you to apply anyways.


All Participants who are registered as a Player, Captain, Substitute, or Team Manager on any team that participates in all of its assigned matches will receive a custom Overwatch-themed lanyard with an approximate retail value of $5.00 USD.

Additionally, up to 13 Participants registered as a Player, Captain, Substitute, or Team Manager on each team that makes Playoffs will receive a custom-made Varsity Jacket with an approximate retail value of $120.00 USD.

One last thing - the team that achieves first place takes home a commemorative trophy with an approximate retail value of $5,000.00 USD.


Need help? First visit our Rules on Tespa Compete as well as our Frequently Asked Questions section on the Tespa Compete Discord. If you can't find the answer to your question, visit our Tespa Compete Discord and ask for an Overwatch Tournament Admin. Non-urgent, off-hour questions and general inquiries can be submitted via a contact form or email!