Tournament Ended

Heroes of the Dorm - East

The East Qualifier Bracket of Heroes of the Dorm


Jan 28 - Feb 18, 2016


Feb 20 - Mar 6, 2016




College Students
East Qualifier Bracket Concluded - The 16 Teams Remaining Will Advance To The Ro64 Championship Bracket

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Welcome to Heroes of the Dorm, a free-entry Heroes of the Storm tournament open to college students in the United States and Canada! Team up with your fellow classmates and compete for an epic prize pool of over $500,000!


Once you’ve registered an account on Compete and verified your Student Status, you can either create a new team or apply to join an open team from your school. The registration page will show you all other open teams from you school.

If the school email you used to verify your student eligibility is new to our system, please allow up to 24 hours for it to be whitelisted.

How To Watch:

Tournament Stage
Where To Watch
Round of 64
March 19th
ESPN3, Twitch, Youtube
Round of 32
March 20th
ESPN3, Twitch, Youtube
Round of 16
March 26th
ESPN3, Twitch, Youtube
Round of 8
March 27th
ESPN3, Twitch, Youtube
Heroic Four
April 9th
Grand Finals
April 10th

Bracket Challenge:

Once the Top 64 teams are determined you can support your favorite schools by filling out a Bracket Challenge!

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More coming soon!

Championship Prize:

  • Players: Tuition for up to 3 years - up to $75,000 USD total
  • Substitute: Tuition for 1 year - up to $25,000 USD total

Top 4 Teams:
Custom Built PC Gaming System - Approximately 1200 USD estimated value (Per Player)

Top 128 Teams: (Between All Four Regions)
Tassadar + Crypt King Skin for Heroes of the Storm

All Players:
Unique In-Game Portrait (Teams with 2 no-shows will not receive the portrait)

Backstage Tour Sweepstakes
Get your $15 Premium Finals Ticket (Comes with a Shirt & Heroes Skin!) for a chance to also win a Backstage Tour Sweepstakes!