Tournament Ended

Tespa Summer Series - Week 1

Weekly Collegiate Overwatch Tournaments for Balance!


Jun 27 - Jul 8, 2016


Jul 9 - Jul 10, 2016




College Students
Tournament Concluded - Week 6 is up at

Starting on July 9th, college students across North America can dive into weekly tournaments to compete for balance! Your school can field as many teams as you'd like to compete, but we challenge your campus to unite your best players under one primary team. Primary teams can earn points for their school and additional rewards for their community!


Once you've registered an account on Compete and verified your Student Status you can either create a new team, or join an open team from your school. If your school email was recently added to our system it may take up to 24 hours for an admin to verify it before you are able to register.


Tournaments will take place every Weekend starting July 9th and ending on August 14th. Registration and team management for each weekends tournament will begin each Monday and end each Friday.

Saturday - Group Stage

  • Saturday, 12:00pm PDTSwiss Round 1
  • Saturday, 1:30pm PDTSwiss Round 2
  • Saturday, 3:00pm PDTSwiss Round 3

Top 4 teams per group advance seeded by performance

Sunday - Championship Bracket

  • Sunday, 12:00pm PDTSingle Elim Round 1
  • Sunday, 1:30pm PDTSingle Elim Round 2
  • Sunday, 3:00pm PDTSingle Elim Round 3
  • Sunday, 4:30pm PDTSingle Elim Round 4
  • Sunday, 6:00pm PDTSingle Elim Round 5
  • Sunday, 7:30pm PDTSingle Elim Round 6


Need help? Visit our Help Page. During tournament hours please use live support for urgent questions, otherwise you can use the contact form for general inquiries.

Weekly Prizes

1st Place: $40.00 USD in Balance (Per Player)

2nd Place: $20.00 USD in Balance (Per Player)

3rd - 4th Place: $10.00 USD in Balance (Per Player)

School Leaderboard

Want to prove that your school is the best? Consolidate your best players onto a Primary Team and designate an Official Coordinator to earn points and additional rewards for your school!

Coordinator Application View Full Leaderboard

Point Distribution

  • Group Stage Wins: 1 Point
  • Ro64 Wins: 1 Point
  • Ro32 Wins: 1 Point
  • Ro16 Wins: 2 Points
  • Ro8 Wins: 3 Points
  • Ro4 Wins: 5 Points
  • Ro2 Wins: 8 Points
  • (Bye’s and Forfeits count as wins)