Tournament Ended

Overwatch Training Grounds: Skirmish

Series of bi-weekly tournaments, compete for over $30,000 in loot and Blizzard balance prizing!


Mar 15 - Mar 25, 2017


Mar 25 - Mar 26, 2017




College Students
This Tournament has concluded, you may find the current Skirmish at

The first ever Tespa® Collegiate Series for Overwatch® is behind us, but the battle rages on. Tespa is proud to present a new tournament series, Tespa Training Grounds: Overwatch. In Training Grounds, teams will hone their skills in a Skirmish and advance into the prestigious Arena, where Overwatch peripherals, Blizzard balance, glory, and swag await!


Weekly Tournament Prizing

  Arena Tournaments:

     1st Place: $40 Blizzard balance per player

     2nd Place: $30 Blizzard balance per player 

     3rd Place: $25 Blizzard balance per player

     4th Place: $20 Blizzard balance per player

     5th - 6th Place: $15 Blizzard balance per player

     7th - 8th Place: $10 Blizzard balance per player

     9th - 12th Place: $5 Blizzard balance per player

Skirmish Tournaments:

     1st Place: $10 Blizzard balance per player

     2nd Place: $5 Blizzard balance per player

Playoff Prizing

Over $9500 in Overwatch peripheral prizing will be awarded to the top 12 teams in the final Arena at the end of the season:

     1st Place: Overwatch mouse, keyboard, headset, and mousepad per player and coordinator

     2nd Place: Overwatch mouse, keyboard, and mousepad per player and coordinator

     3rd - 4th Place: Overwatch mouse and mousepad per player and coordinator

     5th - 12th Place: Overwatch mousepad per player and coordinator

Participation Prizing

Each team will earn participation points for their school, and once the program concludes the top 64 schools will earn special loot boxes full of Tespa and Blizzard swag! These loot boxes will be delivered to the schools’ coordinators during the start of the 2017 Fall Semester to help bolster their Overwatch communities!

Participation Points

  • 1 point is awarded for each team's match win in Skirmish
  • 2 points are awarded for each team's match win in Arena losers bracket
  • 3 points are awarded for each team's match win in Arena winner's bracket