Overwatch Summer Series Not Signed Up

Location: Online

Eligibility: College Students

Registration: Jun 28 - Aug 13, 2017

Tournament: Jul 13 - Aug 20, 2017

Status: In Progress

While matches can be rescheduled before the default match time, you cannot decide to play default time after you decide to reschedule without the agreement of the other team.

Team: Nevada Esports Blue

Status: 9 / 9

School: University of Nevada - Reno


Player Handle
Benjamin E. neb#11215
Justin K. Very#1472
Price P. Price#1985
Joseph O. Joekster#11904
Nicholas Z. TinyPineTree#1631
Parker M. TheSaklar#1300
Lucas A. Zametov#1228
Kurt K. KurtKlix#1615
Joseph Y. Scuds#11608