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The Great Collegiate Dungeon Race 2017

Take another shot at the Burning Legion for your share in $20,000 in scholarships in this year's Great Collegiate Dungeon Race!


Aug 16 - Sep 21, 2017


Sep 25 - Nov 14, 2017




College Students

Join us for another 6-week crusade against the Burning Legion and its minions! By popular demand, the Great Collegiate Dungeon Race is back - this time with reduced eligibility requirements and an expanded broadcast schedule.

Grab your friends and race for your best time in Mythic Keystone dungeons to earn your share of $20,000 in scholarship prizing! Every race will take place on a special event realm with standardized item levels, gear and consumable vendors, and other special tools so you can focus on playing your best.

2017 Program Highlights:

  • Arizona, Quebec and some other previously banned regions are now eligible to compete.
  • Teams are only required to have three members from the same school. 
    • Captains can add members to your team at any time using the "Invite Friends" functionality on your Team Management page.
    • To register as a Free Agent, click HERE.
    • To request a Free Agent for your team, click HERE.
      Please make sure your team has at least 3 members from your school!
  • New gear, consumable and keystone vendors have been added to the Event Realm to improve your character customization.
  • 30 days of subscription time will be added to your Blizzard account if your team participates in all three of the preliminary rounds.

Program Format:

This year’s Dungeon Race will start out with three week-long preliminary rounds, for which every team will race in the same dungeon and submit their best times to a leaderboard. These matches will start on September 22nd and end on October 12th.

After that, the top 16 teams from the preliminary rounds will be seeded into the Playoffs - a team-vs-team double elimination bracket. The top 2 teams from the winner’s and loser’s bracket will advance to the best-of-five, single-elimination semi-finals!

Broadcast Plans:

Select matches from every round will be played and broadcasted live at on November 12th. More information about matchup and schedule for these broadcasts will be sent to participating teams at a later date.


$2,000 USD in scholarships per player.


$1,000 USD in scholarships per player.


$500 USD in scholarships per player.

Participation Prize:

Every player on a team that participates in all three preliminary rounds will receive 30 days of World of Warcraft: Legion™ subscription time on their authenticated Blizzard account!

Prelim Leaderboard:

Our preliminary leaderboard will be live 48 hours after the conclusion of the first round. Stay tuned!

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