Tournament Ended

Collegiate Hearthstone Championship - Group Stage

A chance for Glory and over $100,000 in scholarships!


Aug 31 - Sep 25, 2015


Sep 28 - Nov 22, 2015




College Students
Regular Season Ended! See Playoff Brackets Below!

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Welcome to the Collegiate Hearthstone Championship! A Nine Week tournament featuring college teams from across the United States and Canada. Using a brand new 3v3 Team Format, players must work together to play a single deck at a time in Best of Five matches. Please read over the Rules for more information about eligibility, schedule and format.


Catch the Collegiate Hearthstone Championship Finals on 1/31 at 9:00am PST! You can watch it at

High School:

Not yet in college? Check out the High School Starleague!

1st Place: $12,000 USD in scholarships. (Per Player)

2nd Place: $7,000 USD in scholarships. (Per Player)

3rd - 4th Place: $4,000 USD in scholarships. (Per Player)

5th - 8th Place: $2,000 USD in scholarships. (Per Player)