Tournament Ended

TCS Overwatch 2017 National Swiss

Rally the best Overwatch players on campus to participate in a nine-week competition for a shot at over $120,000 in scholarship prizing!


Nov 1 - Nov 1, 2017


Nov 14 - Dec 10, 2017




College Students
Congratulations to teams on advancing to the Live Finals! Thank you all for a wonderful season.


We challenge your school to rally the best Overwatch players on campus to participate in a nine-week competition for a shot at over $120,000 in scholarship prizing! The tournament will be split into four regions to later be merged together into a national bracket, with the top four teams advancing to a live finals in early 2018!

Each school will work to place their top students in a single, fierce team. To support your school finding the best players, we encourage you to designate a Team Manager who will help organize your team’s roster, schedule practices, and work with Tespa to ensure your team represents the full strength of your school. To learn more about Team Managers, click here

Schedule & Format:

The competition will consist of a six-week Regional Group Stage where schools will play up to two matches per week. The top schools from each region will advance to a two-day National Swiss Stage. The top 40 teams will advance from the National Swiss Stage into the final elimination bracket. The final bracket is a Towers of Doom bracket with 4 rounds occuring over two weeks. The top eight teams from the elimination bracket will advance to the national finals with the top four playing at live finals in early January. To view a more detailed schedule of the event, detailed brackets, and complete tournament information, visit the schedule tab


Once you’ve registered an account on Compete and verified your Student Status, you can either create a new team or join an open team from your school. If your school email was recently added to our system, it may take up to 24 hours for an admin to verify it before you are able to register.

Team Registration ends on September 22nd 2017 at which point teams will be added to the brackets for the first week of play. Teams can add new players and edit their lineup until regional group stages are over.


If you’d like to tune-in to the awesome matches being played, we will be broadcasting every Wednesday and Thursday following week 2 on our Twitch Channel! Check out our Competitive Programs Reveal for a more detailed livestream schedule.


Need help? First visit our Rules on Tespa Compete, as well as our Frequently Asked Questions section on the Tespa Compete Discord. If you can’t find the answer to your question, visit our Tespa Compete Discord and ask for an Overwatch Tournament Admin. Non-urgent, off-hour questions and general inquiries can be submitted via a contact form or email.

Placement Prizing:

1st Place $7,000 USD in scholarships. (Per Player)

2nd Place $3,000 USD in scholarships. (Per Player)

3rd - 4th Place $1,750 USD in scholarships. (Per Player)

5th - 8th Place $1,000 USD in scholarships. (Per Player)

Official Tespa Team Managers will also recieve the same scholarship prizing.

Participation Prize:

Teams that play every match assigned to them during TCS Overwatch are eligible to receive one TCS shirt and lanyard per active player, sub, and team manager.


Tespa's Fall 2017 Programs: