Tournament Ended

Overwatch Collegiate Snow Day 2018

3v3 Overwatch Tournament for over $900 in Balance and merch!


Dec 27 - Jan 5, 2018


Jan 6 - Jan 6, 2018




Congratulations to Toontown for winning the Collegiate Snow Day! Thank you to all participants, we hope you had a fun day!

There's no merrier time to gather two friends for a 3v3 throwdown on Overwatch for PC! We challenge you to rally your two closest Overwatch friends from any college to participate in a 1-day tournament for a shot at over $900 in prizes! The tournament will be a one day five-round swiss tournament. Teams with a record of 3-2 or higher will continue in a single elimination bracket to determine the top 3v3 teams!

Don't forget that friends from any college in the United States or Canada can join your team!


This tournament will take place on January 6th. The competition will consist of a 1 day five round swiss bracket where schools will play one match every 45 minutes. Schools with a positive win/loss record (3-2 or higher) will advance to the Single Elimination Playoffs seeded by their performance in the swiss bracket.

Click Here for the Full Schedule


Once you’ve registered an account on Compete and verified your Student Status, you can either create a new team or join any open team.

Team Registration ends on January 5th 2018 at which point teams will be added to the brackets.


Need help? Visit our Tespa Compete Discord channel by clicking here or, send us an email by clicking here.

1st Place $40 in Blizzard Balance, Snowball Plush, & Overwatch Hooded Jacket. (Per Player)

2nd Place $30 in Blizzard Balance & Snowball Plush. (Per Player)

3rd - 4th Place $20 in Blizzard Balance. (Per Player)

5th - 16th Place $10 USD in Blizzard Balance. (Per Player)

5 Random Teams* $10 USD in Blizzard Balance. (Per Player)

*Teams that play every group stage match assigned to them during the Tespa Collegiate Snow Day is eligible to be selected and receive $10 USD in Blizzard Balance. (Per Player) Winners will be announced via Email and Discord!

Overwatch Hooded Jacket & Snowball Plush are subject to availability. If unavailable, they may be replaced with an equivalent item from the Blizzard Gear Store or equivalent Blizzard Balance.

Prize currency will be converted from US Dollars to the currency listed on each individual’s Blizzard account at time of payment. Players must remain on the roster at the end of the tournament to receive prizing.