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Heroes of the Dorm 2018 - Regional Bracket

Team up with your fellow classmates and compete for an epic prize pool of over $500,000 in Scholarships & Prizing!


Jan 22 - Feb 5, 2018


Feb 6 - May 26, 2018




College Students

Regular Season: February 5th - March 11th

Teams will be assigned into Regions based on region proximity using the Swiss tournament format. Teams will play 10 matches over the course of 5 weeks. The "Atlantic Coast Region" will play its regional games on Tuesdays. All Teams will play 10 matches over the course of 5 weeks. Teams may contact their opponent to play at anytime before 11:59 pm of each Thursday. Any matches not played by this time each week may be marked as no-shows.
Regional Match
National Match
Week 1 - Regional & National Match February 7th @ 6:00pm PST February 8th @ 6:00pm PST Best-of-3
Week 2 - Regional & National Match February 14th @ 6:00pm PST February 15th @ 6:00pm PST Best-of-3
Week 3 - Regional & National Match February 21st @ 6:00pm PST February 22nd @ 6:00pm PST Best-of-3
Week 4 - Regional & National Match February 28th @ 6:00pm PST March 1st @ 6:00pm PST Best-of-3
Week 5 - National Matches No Regional Match March 7th & 8th @ 6:00pm PST Best-of-3

Regional Championships: March 11th

All teams will be seeded into a single elimination regional championship where they will have to conquer their region for prizing. Placing in the Regional Championship could affect your team’s seeding in the Championship Bracket, so get ready to throw down in the Nexus!
Regional Round of 16 March 11th 11:00am  PDT Best-of-3
Regional Round of 8 March 11th 12:30pm  PDT Best-of-3
Regional Semi-Finals March 11th 2:00pm  PDT Best-of-3
Regional Finals March 11th 3:30pm PDT Best-of-3

Championship Bracket: March 28th - TBA


The top national performing teams will advance to the Championship Bracket. Teams will be seeded based off regular season play and regional championship play.

Captains will be sent scheduling forms to help us schedule the Ro64 - Ro8 matches that work for both your team and allow us to schedule you onto the broadcast. If no reschedule time can be agreed upon between teams, then the default match time will be used.

Week 1 - Round of 64 March 28th-29th 6:00pm PDT Best-of-3
Week 2 - Round of 32 April 4th - 5th 6:00pm PDT Best-of-3
Week 3 - Round of 16 April 11th - 12th 6:00pm PDT Best-of-3
Week 4 - Round of 8 April 18th - 19th 6:00pm PDT Best-of-3
Week 5 - Heroic 4 May 12th 1:00 PM PDT TBA